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Kai Takawaenga

Kai Takawaenga

The Kai Takawaenga, or 'bridge' is a youth worker who has been based in Kaipara College since 2010.
The Kai Takawaenga works with young people who may be experiencing challenges with their schooling for any of a number of reasons.  Specifically, the Kai Takawaenga role has enabled the South Kaipara Men's Trust to provide support and advocacy for young people by having a Youth Worker on site who could bridge relationships between the family and the school.
Although that role was funded by the South Kaipara Men's Trust for a number of years, the day-to-day oversight of work undertaken was managed by Kaipara College.   Kaipara College has now assumed funding responsibility too and the Kai Takawaenga works part-time for the College. The South Kaipara Men's Trust, however, continues to have a strong interest in the work of the Kai Takawaenga.



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