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Father and children activities

It is well recognized that in the life of a child, the positive presence of the father , or the positive presence of a caring adult male, really, really matters.  In fact, the presence of a father or caring male impacts enormously on a child because it is linked to producing a well rounded adult.  We know that father child interactions promote children's well-being by enabling them to:
  • develop positive conceptual abilities;
  • grow their ability to form positive relationships;
  • promotes high self esteem;
  • achieve better learning, and;
  • minimize the likelihood of depression.
Because we know how important activities involving children and their father can be, the South Kaipara Men's Trust from time-to-time organizes father and son/daughter activities.  We want to help fathers enjoy any of the organized activities we offer so that they can take advantage of the unique area we live in; we want fathers to enjoy quality time with their sons/daughters.
We promote these activities through schools and other local media but you can also contact us at the South Kaipara Men's Trust, phone 027-8008081 or email us at


We help men, young men and their families to grow, to be strong and healthy, and to be positive:
Tama Tu Whanau Ora - Our mission is to support men to stand tall and strong in order that their relationships, families and communities are healthy, constructive and nurturing.
We guide men to help themselves so if things go wrong, we can show men where and how they can get help. We guide men towards finding solutions or sources of help to overcome problems and adversity;
We seldom provide direct aid because we are a small agency with few resources.  For that reason we refer men and their families to other agencies who have the resources to help;
Sometimes, in rare cases of extreme need, we may help to pay for services such as counselling (but we do not pay for all of the costs).

Youth Services

The South Kaipara Men's Trust has a particular focus on working with young people. This means that the South Kaipara Men's Trust is keen to support those who provide youth services and to provide leadership within the South Kaipara rohe.  Our goal is to help them to devise, promote and deliver youth activities, events and services.


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